Honeywell Microelectronics Radiation Hardened Electronics

Radiation Hardened Electronics and Technology from a Trusted Foundry

Honeywell's radiation hardened electronics products and technology provide aerospace system and electrical designers a strategically hardened family of products to increase performance, reduce risks and ensure mission success in space and in other radiation prone environments. From high-speed communication networks in space platforms and payloads, to ground network systems, Honeywell's family of memories, processors and other Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) technology can enable optimized system performance and reduced power.

We've forged a new path in strategic systems by providing 150-nanometer scale radiation hardened Integrated Circuits (ICs) and System On a Chip (SoC) capability featuring >15 million gates per device. Honeywell has significantly improved IC performance while decreasing size and power usage.

Adding value through the development of breakthrough system solutions:
  • A broad family of digital and mixed signal 150-nanometer to 800-nanometer gate-array and standard-cell
  • ASICs High-speed, low-power SRAMs, up to 16Mbit single die and space-saving, complex MultiChip Modules (MCM) up to 64Mbit
  • Flight qualified Non-volatile Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory (MRAM)
  • QML qualified flight proven 0.15µm, 0.8µm and 0.3 µm technology platforms
  • SerDes (Serializer/Deserializer) technology delivering 10Gb/s communications
  • Processors, ADC and DAC bus interface, Analog mux and other Rad Hard standard products
  • Radiation Performance: TID > 1Mrad(Si), SER < 1E-10 e/b-d, Latchup Immune, Dose Rate Upset > 1E10rad(Si)/s
  • A broad range of Honeywell design IP available to simplify IC Design and reduce cycle time
  • Trusted Foundry 1A accreditation means customers can get classified design, verification, fab, assembly and test services from Honeywell. Click here for more information.

Honeywell offers a complete range of microelectronics services in engineering, design, fabrication, and "post-production" services to meet the highest reliability requirements for commercial space and military aerospace programs.

From turnkey design and manufacture of your microcircuit requirements to the customers preferred level of design contribution, Honeywell Microelectronics will be your partner in a successful microchip solution.

Contact a Honeywell representative worldwide to find a reliabile IC solution for your space systems.